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A nondescript plant monster

On the continent of Orelisle are many forests. These forests are usually mistaken for inert and calm lands. However, these forests may turn to be violent slaughterers of those who would invade and harm them. One of the main defences of the forest are the vile plant monsters. Other sources of the Plant Monsters might be from rogue Alchemists. With alchemy and botany in such close relations, the probability of the creation of Plant Monsters is high. Though, the majority of Plants monsters are naturally made. Plant monsters are diverse and unique creatures, capable of great harm to those who they target for food.

Plant Monster Variants[]


A Female Dryad

See Dryads

A rather sentient form of plant monster is a Dryad, a person who is humanoid but made from plants. Guardians of the Forests, they tend to be able to bend the forest to their wills.


An ent

Ents are huge, powerful, and ancient creatures, trees that can move and speak and have wisdom beyond the understanding of most mortals.



When a forest is in a deep and troubled state, they can accumulate their plant matter into a solid, physical form that is composed of many tangled and fluid vines and roots. These monsters are capable of extending their vines to entangled their foes and claim the enemies for the forest, or for their own feral hunger. Vinemonsters are even capable of assuming the form of animals to further terrify those they fight.


An Ivy monster

No plant monster is as gruesome as the Ivy. Ivy are the forced fusion of carnivorous plant and humanoid. The fusion is extremely well-bound and disgusting to look at. Both limber and deadly, they produce a near endless supply of poisons to both disorient and kill their victims.