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Within our universe exists many different realms of existance. These realms are known as planes, or dimensions, and all have different properties. Planes are mysterious and there are countless amounts of them. Most who study planes are students of the Sorcery School of Magic. This though is because of the nature of Sorcery and its relation to planar occurances. While there are a mirade of Planes, travel between the Planes is very difficult and seldom. There is a rumored space in between the Planes that is referred to as the Void. However, most scholars are sceptical on its existance. The plane in which Orelisle resides is the Material Plane. It is the realm of all mortals.

Known Planes:

Afterlife Realm

Celestial Plane

Chaos Realm

Elemental Planes

Fae Wilds

Interdimensional Pocket

Material Plane