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Orcs are a fearsome and hardy race of humanoids that roam the lands of Orelisle. Known for their warrior prowess, Orcs are strong and battle-ready. Generations of warrior mentality and training have grown out in the unwillingness of death for those of the Orc race. Orcs have a greenish skin and prominent tusks that distinguish them from other races. Most have dark hair and eyes and what some would consider to be pointed ears. In Orelisle, Orcs are widespread, but thinly so. There is a higher concentration of Orc races in Dahaan Havazh.


Orcs tend to not live in any settled cities or towns, prefering a nomadic or village-esque existence. Most Orcs live in tribes, of which each have some slight variation in their culture and beliefs. However, most Orcish Tribes share certain similarities. Most Orc Tribes have a chieftain of some sorts and a shaman of another. Many Orcs value warrior prowess in high regard and will challenge each other or go on dangerous missions for fun. Though Orcs have a strong warrior basis, there honor system is less as impactful. Some tribes rarely even take honor into consideration while others hold it as a true character defining trait. Many Orc tribes have a strong distrust of Magic. They view it as upsetting with the natural order of things or simply distrust the dominating power of it. Even so, Orc Shamans are usually a little expertised in Magic, but many have strong roots in Alchemy.