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Kad'rscor is an High Elven city in the south. It has two major magical institutions: the School of Numerological Wizardry and the Southwind Academy.


Most residents live a comfy middle-class lifestyle. Even the poorest wear clothes that most other races would save for holidays. Most residents have a fairly normal life of merchantry, craftsmanship, or farming.While Ashthalor is more widely known for its goods, Kad'rscor is not far behind.

Kad'rscor is headed by a legislature of 9, and one figurehead that they appoint. There are seldom open elections; all political matters are handled by those who have pursued it as a career.

The residents of Kad'rscor are a bit more stoic and reserved than other High Elves. This can be attributed to the fact that numerological magic and studying artifacts are a bit more dry than other fields of magic. Scholars are near the top of the city's social hierarchy, so their disposition has slightly rubbed off on everyone.

The Southwind Academy[]

This is an illustrious mages' college that oversees the trading of artifacts. Kad'rscor is known for being one of the best places to find reputable artifacts, for the mages verify each artifact that passes through the Academy personally. Recently, they have begun to study the art of creating artifacts with the assistance of theoretical scholars from Dored'hil. This new field is promising, but hasn't produced anything noteworthy.