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A half-ifrit

The Ifrit are the children of Cinaed, the great spirit of fire. They have an affinity for fire and heat far beyond that of any mere mortal. Of the four kinds of spirits, Ifrit are the most violent and destructive. They also feel the least kinship between others of their kind- they are as likely to attack a nymph who crosses their path as they are to attack an elf.


Half-ifrit share the destructive nature of their full-spirit parents. They are rash, impulsive, and passionate. They are most commonly found in the Apotheosis since most Ifrit live in the desert, but are occasionaly found in villages by volcanoes. In the Apotheosis, Half-ifrit are traditionally given a surname based on the name Cinaed as a sign of respect to the first Ifrit.

All half-ifrit have horns. Most, but not all, are capable of casting some form of firey magic.