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High Elves are city-dwelling Elves with a talent for magic and diplomacy. They are rather ethnocentric, believing themselves to be above other races.

High Elves are extremely socially-conscious. They put a lot of value into how they are percieved by other high elves.

Most High Elves in Orelisle live in the South, though given their long lifespan, many will travel and adventure at some point in their first century of living. The multiracial city of Amerale also has a large population of High Elves


There are three major High Elf cities in Orelisle.


This is the oldest of the three great cities. It is located on the coast and boasts a thriving marketplace. This is where you will find the fine silks, wines, and jewels that the High Elves are known for. Almost everyone in the city and its surrounding lands boats a high quality of life due to the fact that every trade is viewed as valuable to their culture. They are run by a democratically elected council of 4 people, who each have a term of 40 years.


This city boasts two major institutions, the School of Numerological Wizardry and the Southwind Academy. The former studies all things mathematical, and the latter collects, studies, and trades magical artifacts. In order to protect valuable knowledge, Kad'rscor has the strongest military force of the three cities.


This city is relatively young at about 2000 years old. This city is located inland. Its tall spires can be seen from miles away. Dored'hil is known for its studies of theoretical sorcery. You will never find a high elf who will admit it, but many short-lived races think that the city's young age is due to a catastrophic magical accident that destroyed an original city.

Other notable locations[]


Many High Elves have been drawn to this city due to its prosperity and power. High Elves who live here are just as arrogant and proud as their kin in the south. In general, they still believe that High Elves are the best race overall, but they acknowledge that other races have their merits, too. Here, you will find High Elves in all walks of life, including the proudest gambers and drunks around.

The Hack-Slash-Stabby-Stab-Stab Clan[]

A handful of High Elves in the south have decided to forgo traditional city life for a more wild lifestyle. They have taken to the planes near the major High Elf cities to live in what they view as a traditional Barbarian culture. All new members must go through a rite of passage of making 500 living things not live anymore. They are the most arrogant, cultured, and well-dressed Barbarians in all of Orelisle.