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Yet another Elemental that is anything but, Booze Elementals were first created in a botched ritual by the bandit prince of Eriptor. They are beings made of pure alcohol of varying types, and more than anything else, they really like to party and have fun. They have the ability to intoxicate anyone they come into contact with, and greatly enjoy doing so.

Booze Elementals appear to have intelligence, though how much of their intelligence is sentience and how much is merely magical feedback causing them to behave in certain ways and take on certain mannerisms is unknown. However, Booze Elementals have at least enough sentience to be able to speak the common tongue.

Since their initial discovery, Booze Elementals have been popping up in various other places, most notably infesting magical breweries such as the Silver Peak Brewery in Galkador. Some scholars have taken to calling them "Ale Spirits." Others claim that "there are too darn many things we call spirits already" and stick with the original designation.