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This Wiki was made for and by the Binturians Live-Action Role Playing Club. This wiki is a collective effort of many people's lore of the Binturian universe and its lands, workings, magic, groups, and much more. The expansion of this Wiki is always an encouraged action that any member may partake in. Anyone may send their lore to E-Board to have it reviewed, editted, and uploaded to the Wiki. Before making your lore known to the world, please make sure your lore does not have:

  • Specific Character Names or Out-Of-Game Personal Names
  • Vulgar, Graphic, Explicit or Offensive Information
  • Out-Of-Game Religious Affiliations
  • Out-Of-Game References

After your lore is uploaded and made onto the Wiki, you may edit it as you see fit by signing up on the Wiki with a username that an E-Board member will easily be able to identify as you. Please note that your lore and additions to it will be read over and scrutinized for any continuity errors or illicit items. Edits by E-Board will be made as needed.

Binturian Lore

All of the lore surrounding the Binturian LARP world! Technically this is a wiki for the lore of Orelisle!  And surrounding areas [ish]!  Everything on this wiki is information one can find in a large, well-informed library in-universe. Even though this information is capable of being found in-game, this does not mean that your character can inheritly know everything on this Wiki, nor can your character simply go to a library and learn everything instantly. Most characters come in knowing very little that isn't from their home or surrouding lands. A very important and enriching aspect of our LARP is the storytelling relay of events, lore, and general knowing of things. Be respectful and do your best not to the spoil the fun of finding this stuff out in-game. 

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